CIO Usage in KC Compact

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The KC Compact contains a U82536 CIO chip (russian clone of Zilog Z8536 CIO). The CIO is used to emulate the CPCs Printer Port, and to emulate timings that are normally produced by the CPCs Gate Array.

CIO I/O Ports in KC Compact

 EC00h - CIO Data Port B (video timer)
 ED00h - CIO Data Port C (interrupt timer)
 EE00h - CIO Control Port
 EF00h - CIO Data Port A (bi-directional printer port) (and TEST remote boot)

CIO Connection in KC Compact

 D0..D7,A1,A0        D0..D7, A9, Inverted A8
 /RD,/WR,/CE,PCLK    /IORD, /IOWR, A12, CLK 4MHz
 /INT,IEO,IEI,/IACK  NC (not /INT?), NC, 5V, 5V
 PA0..PA6            Printer Data Bits 0-6 (some also used for TEST feature)
 PA7                 Printer /Strobe (internally inverted via CIOs Polarity)
 PB0,PB1,PB2,PB3     TPAL/3231, TPAL/9, 5V, 5V
 PB4,PB5,PB6,PB7     T16/5830, T16/10, 5V, 5V
 PC0,PC1,PC2,PC3     A/C, HSYNC, VSYV, 5V