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== Picture galleries ==
== Picture galleries ==
[http://www.octoate.de/wp/nggallery/page-591/album-1/gallery-5 Pictures by Octoate]
[http://www.octoate.de/wp/meeting-gallery/nggallery/meeting-gallery/cpc-only-meeting-3-29-04-1-5-2005 Pictures by Octoate]
[[Category:CPC events]]
[[Category:CPC events]]

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This meeting was organized by TFM and held place in Frankfurt a. M. in Germany in 2005.

Original invitation


The COM - III will happen from 29.4 to 1.5.2005 in Frankfurt (Germany).

We will meet at the tavern Training, the meeting itself will be held beside the restaurant. There is enough place for 12-18 CPCs or more. Further we can use the complete public house. There is enough place for us and our equipment.

You can eat and drink in the "Training". There is something for every gusto. Despite the meals are very good, the price is really low. There is NO sum to pay to join the meeting, it's all free. But as little contribution you can eat or drink something in the tavern. This is not a "must", but no doubt it's no error.

You can sleep at the tavern in your sleeping bag. Or you can go to a hotel near the meeting place.

GreetinX, TFM



Villain released the new CPC Forever.

Picture galleries

Pictures by Octoate