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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
image:Mousepack screenshot 1.png
image:Mousepack screenshot 2.png
== Aliases ==
== Aliases ==

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The mouse that came with the CPC mousepack

A mouse for the Amstrad CPC. The CPC mousepack was manufactured by the German company Reisware and a similiar product to the more known one from the British company Advanced Memory Systems the AMX Mouse.

Mousepack came with software. But nothing else is known about this product. Please supply!




The "Mousepack" mouse is sometimes referred to under different names (the names seem to be mainly coming from the software/copyright text on the floppy disks):

 Gerdes Mouse (Gerdes).
 Centaure mouse (Centaur graphics program, included on one of the disks).
 ASS Reis-Mouse (All System Software).
 Reisware-Mouse (Reisware)