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*[http://www.carnivac.co.uk Carnivac's Website]  
*[http://www.carnivac.co.uk Carnivac's Website]  
*[http://amon-devilman.deviantart.com/ Carnivac's DeviantArt Gallery][http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RfM4-xc_GS0 <br>]
*[http://carnivius.deviantart.com/ Carnivac's DeviantArt Gallery]

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Carnivac is a graphic artist from the UK who has owned an Amstrad CPC 464 since 1984 and it has been an influence on his work.  He still often creates graphics in the colors and resolution of the original CPCs and is currently producing a video game named Cosmic Prison Commando for Windows PCs in the style of the Amstrads graphics as a homage to the CPC, his first computer.