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  CPC games by genre
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This is a list of platform games for CPC computers. See also: List of all CPC games

Platform games are "Mario-like" action games.

Can be called "Platformers". (?)

They must include multiple platform with a mean to go from one to one.

You don't have to actually "Jump"...

"Batman the movie" don't jump, nor "Robocop 1" (almost same engine). Yet Batman can use his bat-cable and Robocop can take the stairs.

They often have Horizontal scrolling, yet then can also have Vertical or both scrollings.

Traditionnally a platform Shoot them Up is also sometimes referred as a Run and Gun.

Yet some games are in fact both of them indeed.

The main difference between a Shoot them Up and a Platform game may come from the act of... shooting ? Not only.

"Platformers" often display some kind of Gravity mechanism/simulation and multiple levels screens.

They are "seen from aside"... as 3D is not easy on 8 bit system...

Or else you just cannot jump from platform to platforms.

Also such games (platforms) may be mixed with Beat them All mechanism.

But the best Platformers use elements from shooters and Beat'em up/all...

Pure Platform examples

Platform shooter examples

Platform Beat'em up examples

  • Dragon-Ninja (Bad Dude Vs...)