Changing cassette deck belts

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If your Amstrad CPC 464 doesn't load tapes properly or it just doesn't move at all, you might have to change the tape belts.

It's not a difficult task and you don't need specific or rare tools. You just need a medium cross head screwdriver and a little one. Also a solder and some tin whould be a good idea, because in theory, you have to desold the power LED from the tape deck and then resold it again. You can also cut the wires and join them again with PVC tape, which I don't recommend. I'd rather sold than cut.

First of all, some information. Below you have a PDF file that shows the new belts you might need from the electronic components shop. In fact, there are two belts (main belt and counter belt) and an idle tyre. From my point of view, I would replace all of them. After 30 years the could be broken, sticky, cracked, etc.

File:Amstrad cpc tape belts.pdf

It will be continued...