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File:NoPicture.gif|Amstrad CPC version
File:NoPicture.gif|Amstrad CPC version
File:NoPicture.gif|Inside of plug/cable
File:NoPicture.gif|Inside of plug/cable
File:OliverTwinsCodemastersCD.gif|Info from http://www.olivertwins.com/

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The Codemasters CD was a compilation of games from Codemasters which came on a CD.

The games were stored as audio, but in a special fastloader form.

In order to use the CD you connected the CPC to a CD player using a special cable which connected to the joystick port. Special loader software was provided on cassette.

Such an exotic feature was choosen because every Amstrad did include a Joystick port.

Yet the 6128Plus lacks of Tape port.


  • http://worldofspectrum.org/ - has a review about the Spectrum version - which conflicts with the DIY info (the Spectrum review implies it contains a mono 1-bit A/D converter, not a stereo connection without A/D converter) (the A/D converter - if it does exist - might refer to something simple, like a transistor)
  • http://www.olivertwins.com/ - according to this webpage, the Oliver Twins created "The CD Games Pack" in December 1989, for Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, and Commodore 64, published by Codemasters

Whether or not the Amstrad CPC version was actually released is a bit unclear. Did anybody ever see it for real?