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One of the UK Amstrad magazines for the CPC, issued monthly from January 1985 (Vol 1, No 1) to December 1988 (Vol 4, No 12) - lasting almost 4 years. The magazine started off catering for just the CPC 464, then the rest of the CPC range and eventually expanded to cover the Amstrad PCW/PC range as well - until the PCW/PC parts were spun off into a separate magazines as detailed below. The magazine peaked at 118 pages in size.

The magazine covered everything from games reviews, large type-in listings (programs or games), the famous 10-liner type-ins, game hints / tips and more.

In October 1986, the magazine updated it's cover logo and in May 1987 Amtix! was rolled into the magazine, as evidenced by the Incorporating Amtix! logo on the front cover for the next 16 issues (until August 1988).


May 1987's issue contained essentially the first edition of Computing with the Amstrad PCW which then in June 1987 split off to form its own separate magazine (also by Database Publications) - hence why CWTA had CPC added to the end of it's name to become CWTA CPC. All Amstrad PC content was also spun off to form a new magazine called Personal Computing with the Amstrad. So from June onwards it was back to being purely a CPC magazine.


In September 1988, the magazine title became the shorter name "CPC Computing" (the top left corner of the magazine said 'The new name for Computing with the Amstrad CPC') and underwent a slight makeover. All Amtix! & Amtips references vanished but essentially it was the same magazine. It ran for 4 issues before being 'merged' into Amstrad Computer User in January 1989. This was evident, by ACU welcoming its new readers and having the 'with CPC Computing' logo on the cover of the magazine for the next 6 issue before disappearing in July 1989 as part of a magazine overhaul.

There has also been a Computing With The Amstrad - Australian Edition which ran from August 1986 until December 1987 under license from Database Publications. Things like 10-liners and listings were re-printed exactly along with other content.

Issue Name
1 - 28 Computing with the Amstrad
29 Computing with the Amstrad, Incorporating Amtix!
30 - 44 Computing with the Amstrad CPC, Incorporating Amtix!
45 - 48 CPC Computing
January 1989 Merged into ACU



Cover scans of every issue


Computing With The Amstrad Type-Ins