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COSMOS is a personal cost monitoring system written by KSL.

It is a personal business application similar to the MSDOS-era PC applications and one of the most recent projects developed for CP/M-80.

COSMOS runs under CP/M 2.2, (the Dobbertin 63 KB TPA version) and is built upon the mouse - based graphics user interface (GUI) as pioneered by Xerox at Palo Alto and popularized by Apple with the Lisa and Macintosh computers.

A full project of COSMOS can hardly run on a standard CPC6128 as it requires approximately 300 KB of disc space. In order to run COSMOS properly, use the "Personal Computer" configuration of the CPC:

128 KB RAM,
256-512 KB RAM expansion,
X-DDOS or Parados ROM,
External floppy disk drive (400-800 KB),
Hard disk 20 MB (Dobbertin HD20),
AMX Mouse,
RS232 serial interface,
Dot matrix printer,
Color monitor (for the screen saver).

Notice: Prior to installing the annual project, install a demo project using Setup utility in order to become familiar with the COSMOS user interface and functions. As far as the controls are concerned, use Cursor keys or Mouse to control the pointer. [F0] key simulates the left button of the mouse. [F.] key simulates the right button of the mouse. Use left button for (Yes). Use right button for (No),(Next) or (On-Board) help. ESC key to escape.

Download the latest version (v.25/2020) using the link below.

Boot CP/M using original COSMOS disk and execute A>SETUP.COM