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COSMOS is a personal cost monitoring system written by KSL. It runs under CP/M.

It is a personal business application similar to the MSDOS-era PC applications and probably one of the largest projects ever developed for CP/M.

The application requires 63 KB of TPA, minimum 128 KB of total RAM and two disc drives.

Furthermore, it supports the Dobbertin Hard Disk and the RAM expansion, includes GSX and a user friendly GUI using AMX Mouse, provides a 16-color screen saver, supports high capacity external drives, deals with the serial and parallel ports of the CPC and provides CPC-to-PC communication via RS232C.

It also includes a user friendly installation utility.

A typical COSMOS project requires 250-350 KB of disc space.

Version 23 of COSMOS, which was released in 2017, is the final version of this project (for the moment!).