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Cracktros is a porte-manteau name : Crack-Intro

It is generally a mini-demo put at the loading of a cracked game as a signature from the cracker.

What is it

This display all the power and might of the Cracker, and often feature some typical Demo technics :

  • Scroll-Texts.
  • Some neat graphics.
  • Music.
  • a lot of salutes or fuck addressed to the cracker community, un-understandable by "snotling lambda gamer"...


As a matter of fact, the demoscene originated the day when a talentless Cracker made a Cracktro without putting any cracked game with it as he sucked badly at cracking games.

Hereby the Demo was born !

The disapointment

In many case, the Cracktro was really better than the game itself.

Sweet music, colourfull full-screened graphics with multi scrolling texts displaying awesome speed while outstanding picture appeared...

And then you simply switch off to a shitty speccyPort bad and lame as hell.

The average "snotling lambda gamer" could rarely understand this too.

Dont copy that Floppy!

Some case involved Crackers cracking cracktro in order to claim they were the original Cracker.

Of course as no internet at the time.

Informations and copies were hard to spread in real time so it was hard to determine who was first.

Most "snotling lambda gamer" had to wait a school-friend give him a copy of the game he got from his cousin from the other side of the country who knew a guy with a brother schoolmating the daughter of the wife of the dad of the cousin of the first Cracker.

But as "snotling lambda gamer"'s big brother also managed to get directly a copy from the second cracker whose girlfriend was ex to the first cracker but quitted him (lousy looser who sucks in bed) because she went with second cracker (lousy looser who sucks in Coding, yet is so good in bed) and borrowed some disks before leaving...

This before the "snotling lambda gamer" could get the proper First Crack.

So the whole Area got the second-handed Crack before and their local Cracker gained all the merit.

This explains the lot of "Fucks" featured in the scroll-texts and the many rages and feud between many scene members...