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This page is not to refer you to pirated or abandoned software, but rather point you to sources that you can still obtain new or old physical or digital software legally.

The Amstrad CPC community is fairly strong almost 40 years since the CPC was first release with dozens of games released yearly. Some of these are commercial releases and this page should hopefully point you to the publishers websites and/or online stores that sell these games. Everyone knows the benefits of buying software when you can, and in smaller markets such as the CPC one - supporting the few remaining publishers is even more important.

Of course not every game author releases their games commercially, some are freely available and some are released as part of a competition that has been ongoing for several years called CPCRetroDev.

Games Currently Available

Title Media Where Available
Balloonacy Tape Cronosoft
Black Sea Tape Hobbyretro
Brick Rick 3" Poly Play
Chibi Akuma's 3" or 3.5" Poly Play
Coloco Tape Nape Games
CPC Jewels Tape Matra
CPC Soccer 22 Dandanator Hobbyretro
Crazy Blaster Tape The Future Was 8bit
Curse of Rabenstein 3"/MicroSD Poly Play
Dawn of Kernel, The 3"/MicroSD or 3.5/MicroSD or Tape/MicroSD Poly Play
Dead on Time Tape Psytronik
Deeper Warrens Tape Phoenix Ware
Doomsday Lost Echos 3"/MicroSD Poly Play
Eridu Tape AUA
Golden Tail 3" or 3.5" or Tape Poly Play
Hybernated 1 3"/MicroSD or 3.5"/MicroSD or Tape/MicroSD Poly Play
Kitsune's Curse 3" or 3.5" or Tape Poly Play
Magica 3" or Tape Poly Play
Mandarin, The Tape Cronosoft
Moritz on the Autobahn 3" Sintech
Moritz the Striker 3"/Tape Sintech
Noel's RL (Retro Lab) Cartridge Hobbyretro
Nom Wars Dandanator Hobbyretro
Pentomino 3"/MicroSD or 3.5"/MicroSD or Tape or Tape/MicroSD Poly Play 3rd Anniversary Compilation - Limited Edition Tape Poly Play
Queen's Footsteps 3"/MicroSD Poly Play
Relentless Tape Psytronik
Rodman Special Edition Tape The Future Was 8bit
Siemb Chronicles: Arkos the Traitor Tape Hobbyretro
Silk Dust 3"/3.5"/Tape/MicroSD Poly Play
Smirking Horror, The Tape Cronosoft
Star Sabre Tape Psytronik
Stranded Tape Cronosoft
Sub Hunter Tape Psytronik
Sudoku Tape Cronosoft
Throne Legacy Tape Bitmap Soft

Games Currently Available - NOS

Title Media Where Available
Action Force Tape Hobbyretro
Agent X II Tape Hobbyretro
American Turbo King Tape Hobbyretro
Amstrad Games Pack (Agent X II, Xevious, Pro Skateboard Simulator, Moto X Simulator, Mind Trap) Tape Hobbyretro
Anarchy Tape Hobbyretro
Animal Vegetable Mineral Tape The Future Was 8Bit
ATV Tape Hobbyretro
Back to Reality Tape Hobbyretro
Bigfoot Tape Hobbyretro
Bosconian '87 Tape Hobbyretro
Bridge It Tape The Future Was 8Bit
Chubby Gristle Tape Hobbyretro
Codename Mat II Tape The Future Was 8Bit
Continental Circus Tape Hobbyretro
Double Dragon Tape Hobbyretro
F-16 Fighting Falcon Tape Hobbyretro
Galletron Tape Hobbyretro
Grand Prix 2 Simulator Tape Hobbyretro
Grange Hill Tape The Future Was 8Bit
Grange Hill Tape Hobbyretro
John Barrington's Squash Tape Hobbyretro
Kettle Tape Hobbyretro
Kobyashi Naru Tape Hobbyretro
La Selection (Salamandar, Target Renegade, Crazy Cars, Gryzor, Vindicator, Basket Master, Barbarian) Tape Poly Play
Mega Play 2 Tape Hobbyretro
Mind Trap Tape Hobbyretro
Moto X Simulator Tape Hobbyretro
Monte Carlo Casino Tape Hobbyretro
Ninja Massacre Tape Hobbyretro
Octoplex Tape Hobbyretro
Pipeline 2 Tape Hobbyretro
Pro Skateboard Simulator Tape Hobbyretro
Psycho Hopper Tape Hobbyretro
Radzone Tape Hobbyretro
Raid Tape Hobbyretro
Robbie Tape Hobbyretro
Rock'n Wrestle Tape The Future Was 8bit
Rogue Tape Hobbyretro
Skate Rock Tape Hobbyretro
Storm 2: The Fear Tape Hobbyretro
Sweevo's World Tape The Future Was 8bit
Tempest Tape Hobbyretro
Vector Ball Tape Hobbyretro
XCel Tape Hobbyretro
Xenon Tape Hobbyretro
Xevious Tape Hobbyretro
Yes, Prime Minister Tape Hobbyretro

Current Publishers

Bitmap Soft
Hobby Retro
Nape Games
Poly Play
The Future Was 8bit

Other Sources of Physical Games

Below are other good sources of Amstrad CPC games.

Sell My Retro
Japster's Retro Cavern

Recently Unavailable

Title Media Where Available
Sir Ababol NES OM Edition Tape Phoenix Ware
Chronicles of Nanako Tape Bitmap Soft
CPC Soccer Game of Champions Tape Bitmap Soft
Galactic Tomb Tape Bitmap Soft
Red Sunset 3" Bitmap Soft
Siemb Chronicles Tape Bitmap Soft
Totems Tape Bitmap Soft
Anima Tape Matra
8BP Collection Vol 1 Tape Matra
8BP Collection Vol 2 Tape Matra
Buccaneers 3" Matra
CPC RetroDev 2017 Tape Matra
CPC RetroDev 2018 Tape Matra
CPC RetroDev 2019 Tape Matra
CPC RetroDev 2020 Tape Matra
Cyber Chicken Disc AMC Soft
Duck Out Tape Matra
Justin Tape Matra
Shovel Adventure Tape Matra