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Domes-DOS (Markus Weis) - not to be confused with Domesdos - was a Schneider CPC 6128 user and programmer from 1987 to 1992, located near Miltenberg / Germany.


  • darts playing protocolling tool / darts machine simulator *
    (supports 301, 501, 701, cricket, league, shanghai, 1-4 human players or computer opponents)
  • text-adventures:
    • Panik in München
    • Die Klassenfeier der 11ab
  • AMSDOS shell extension Tyrant
    (with clock, shortcuts for faster programming, turboloader and more)
  • soundfile "Schwaebsche Eisebahne"
  • several tools like a Star LC-24-10 matrix printer fontstyle controlcode sending tool


  • Domes-DOS antidrugs demo
  • Domes-DOS bee demo


  • none


  • Domes-DOS website - featuring a login-quiz (AmsDOS/CPM) in different difficulty levels, CPC hardware/machine specs, some brochures, his downloads, some links