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ESP Soft is a Spanish company who releases software (games) on Amstrad CPC.

"ESP Soft es un pequeño grupo de aficionados con algo en común: su afición por el Amstrad CPC. "

ESP soft is a little group of passionates with all in common : their affection for the amstrad CPC.


Most of these games have been released physically on cassette.

  • Columns
  • Gates to Hell
  • Phantomas Saga: Infinity
  • El Paciente 106
  • Small Games for Smart Minds
  • Mariano the Dragon in Capers in Cityland
  • BCM, El Buscador de Código
  • Nheredia
  • iLogicAll
  • Hora Bruja
  • Imaginario Colectivo
  • Arquimedes XXI
  • Totems: Columns CPC Two
  • La Guerra de Gamber
  • Mansion Kali
  • El Prisionero / The Prisoner
  • Mansion Kali II
  • El Misterio de la Isla de Tökland
  • Dead by Dawn
  • Cero Absoluto
  • El Linaje Real
  • Galactic Tomb
  • Euclides XXI
  • La Casa
  • Red Sunset
  • Torreoscura (in collaboration with Commodore Plus)
  • Siemb Chronicles
  • CPC Jewels: Columns CPC Three
  • Gates to Heaven