Fres Fighter II Turbo

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Fighting game by Bollaware.

This was their last project for the CPC.


Title: Fres Fighter II Turbo
Type: Beat-em-up
Year: 1999

Fres Fighter II Turbo

  • Fighters
    • The fighting girl Vanessa
    • The nun Justine
    • The small dinosaur-like two-legged animal Walker
    • The Skeleton Bones
    • The medicin girl Shamane
    • The sumo fighter F. Sumo
  • Arenas
    • Fres Bhudda (Vanessa's arena; special effect: fighter shadows)
    • The Cathedral (Justine's arena; special effect: foreground elements)
    • Jungle (Walker's arena; special effect: foreground elements)
    • Graveyard (Bone's arena; special effect: rain)
    • Jungle Harbour (Shamane's arena; special effect: water)
    • Nippon Temple (F. Sumo's arena; special effect: clouds)

Fres Fighter II Turbo - Graveyard

  • Cheats - Intro
    • Show THX intro at start: Press T H X while loading.
    • Fast start with Fres Design Screen: Press 0 when options 1 to 3 are shown in start menu.
    • Walker move in/out in title screen: Press SHIFT+W.
    • Big Picture in Intro: Press B after Sumo Gong.
    • Manta Cheat: Press MANTA while loading Legacy of Fres Attack.
    • See Intro again: Press A at end of Intro.

  • Cheats - Game
    • Naked Shamane: Press N during fighter selection of shamane.
    • Shadow-Mode: Press S while selection fighting location.
    • Predator-Mode: Press H I D E in menu (press SHIFT for upper case!).
    • Smag Mode: Press T I N Y in menu (press SHIFT for upper case!).
    • Slide Show: Press S H O W in menu (press SHIFT for upper case!).
    • Switch background effects: Press 1 to 6 while loading fighting location (some combinations of effect and fighting location aren't possible).
    • Screen saver image: Press CLR to activate screen saver, thereafter 0-9/A/B/C.
    • Switch CPU fighting on/off: Press DEL and 1 or 2 to activate or deactivate CPU fighter 1 or 2.

  • Cheats - Games in the Game
    • Retro Version of DER ZEICHNER game: Press CTRL+SFCI keys during Legacy of Der Zeichner.
    • Killing the flies: Press K I L L in screen saver of menu.

  • Cheats - End sequence:
    • Press RETURN + S during end sequence for Smag Mode fighters.
    • Press RETURN + P during end sequence for Predator Mode fighters.