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The GSEd (Grafischer Spielfeld Editor, Graphic Playground Editor) is an application for the creation of maps / playground for 2D and 3D games. It runs under FutureOS. It has the following ...


  • Cut GEs (graphic elements) out of 17 KB or OCP screens
  • Create collections (GE sets) of up to 128 different GEs
  • Create maps of up to 8190 GEs per map
  • Assign field-attributes to positions in the matrix of the map / playground

Field Attributes:

  • Normal field (character can run over it or not, different directions possible)
  • Foreground or background (character can move before or behind)
  • Jump field (brings you to another level or position)
  • Person field (there NPCs can appear)
  • "Things" field (where things can be found)
  • Rotation field (shows different types of animation)
  • Special field (different features)

GSEd is being used for: