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Get Dexter (known as Crafton & Xunk from its country of origin France), is a Graphic adventure game, originally released for the Amstrad CPC in 1986. It was programmed by Remi Herbulot, with graphics done by Michel Rho and published by ERE Informatique. The game is played out in isometric area with a futuristic sci-fi plot with puzzle solving. Reaction from the games industry and magazines was generally positive, gaining accolades and high ratings in reviews. A sequel, Get Dexter 2, was released in 1988.


In 2912 a war rages on earth and is escalating out of control. If the Central Galactic Control Computer on Earth is destroyed then all life on the planets will perish with it. The council of Sages give Dexter , an android expert in, and Scooter his trusty Podocephalus, the mission to infiltrate the computer centre and copy the memory in order that Galactic life can continue.



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