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== Download ==  
== Download ==  
[http://ukonx.free.fr/newsite/prods/demos/Ukonx_HateBeats.zip ukonx.free.fr]  
[https://github.com/powerukonx/Hate_Beats/blob/master/Output/Hate%20Beats%20(Ukonx).dsk dsk]
[https://github.com/powerukonx/Hate_Beats/blob/master/Output/Hate%20Beats%20(Ukonx).cpr cpr]
[https://github.com/powerukonx/Hate_Beats sources]  
[[Category:Demos]][[Category:Plus Demos]][[Category:Demos_2007]]
[[Category:Demos]][[Category:Plus Demos]][[Category:Demos_2007]]

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Hate Beats is a Plus demo by Ukonx released in 2007.

The demo was developed using WinApe 2.0a Alpha 13.

If viewing the demo with WinApe, the following settings are required:

In Settings -> General, set CRTC Type 3 CPC+ ASIC, and be sure that Turbo mode option is unchecked.






dsk cpr sources