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Hisoft Devpac is a complete assembler, disassembler, editor and monitor from Amsoft/Hisoft.

In Spain was distributed by Indescomp.

Hisoft Devpac has been widely recognised as the most complete software tool for low level machine code programming.

It incorporates virtually every feature available on much larger microcomputer systems, and is the product of several years of development and experience.

Hisoft Devpac is a suite of two programs:

  • GENA3 - a Z80 assembler.
  • MONA3 - a disassembler/debugger.

Exists as a new version for CP/M called Hisoft Devpac 80.

Source Code File Format

The source code files are stored in a rather unconventional file format: Unlike plain ASCII files, they do have a 128-byte file header, with the filetype byte being set to 08h (making it neither a neither BAS, BIN, nor ASCII file) (in BASIC one gets an error message when trying to use OPENIN, despite of that error message the file is opened and one can read from it; when continuing with GOTO <nextline>).

The actual file body contains more unconventional things:

  • Each line starts by a two-byte (16bit) line number. The line number is used only to "ease" navigation inside of the GENA editor, otherwise it isn't needed.
  • Each line is terminated by a 0Dh byte (exception: some lines are terminated by a 1Ch byte). For normal .txt files these should be replaced by 0Dh,0Ah (for use with locomotive basic, cp/m, msdos, windows, etc.).

Note: The GENA assembler includes a function for converting files to plain ASCII: Type "G,,filename.ext" to get the original source, then type "Q1,9999,target.txt" to save lines 1-9999 in ascii format.