Intelligenz in BASIC - Für Schneider CPC 464/664/6128

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Introduction to AI programming techniques on the CPC. Some topics covered: pattern recognition ("ACTSYM.MER"), maze solving ("LABYRATT.LRN"), expert systems ("PSYCHO.EXP"), ELIZA ("DEPRESS.DIA"), adaptive AI for games ("MOUSCHEX.LRN"), computer-generated poetry ("LOVEPOEM.ART"). The book includes a floppy disc with the programs.


Title: Intelligenz in BASIC - Für Schneider CPC 464/664/6128
Authors: Karl-Heinz Koch
Publisher: Falken Verlag
Year: 1987
Pages: 160
ISBN: 3-8068-4320-1

Table of contents

  • Einleitung...6
  • Kapitel 1: Intelligenz künstlich?...8
  • Kapitel 2: Kreative Intelligenz...28
  • Kapitel 3: Intelligentes BASIC...49
  • Kapitel 4: Auf ein Wort...111
  • Kapitel 5: Expertensysteme...124
  • Literaturverzeichnis...159
  • Register...160

Files on disc

ACTSYM  .MER   6K (pattern recognition,
                   recognises "A", "C", and "T" on an 8x8 grid)
BESTIMM .EXP   2K (expert system)
DENKNETZ.EXP   5K (expert system)
DEPRESS .DIA   9K (ELIZA-like program)
DICEP   .DEM   1K (print some die-rolling statistics)
FANGEN  .DEM   2K (catch the player character)
GOLD10  .GEM   6K (AI implementation of Goldene Zehn,
                   a die-rolling game with three dice)
KALEIDOS.ART   7K (create nice kaleidoscopic images)
KUNSTWRT.DEM   1K (creates new words)
LABY    .GRF   2K (draws a labyrinth)
LABYRATT.LRN   6K (a learning rat in a maze)
LOVEPOEM.ART   5K (creates love poems)
MOUSCHEX.LRN   8K (3x3 board game with a learning computer AI)
MOZART  .DND  22K (data file for "DENKNETZ" with the Mozart family tree)
MUSTER  .DEM   1K (find a substring in a string, like instr())
PSYCHO  .EXP   8K (multiple-choice psychology questionnaire)
RATE    .LRN   3K (learn to discriminate between objects based on
                   user-supplied questions)
STIFTE  .DEM   1K (simple object classification demo)