Kangaroo MusiQue

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Kangaroo of HJT in the early 90s
Kangaroos airbrushed CPC6128+

Kangaroo MusiQue of HJT (Thorsten Norman Mitschele) was born at 29.07.1971 in Stuttgart, Germany. He composed about 450 tunes on the Schneider/Amstrad CPC by using the Soundtrakker from New Age Software. A lot of the tunes where used in CPC-Demos from different groups, also he composed some tunes for CPC and Nintendo Gameboy Games, programmed by Elmsoft (EGS) published by Titus Sftware in France.



  • Founder of the 8Bit-Net (88:88/0, a FidoNet-based Network
  • Lamers International Fanzine
  • Music for several Games for Titus Software (France) for GameBoy and CPC
  • Layout and redesign of several fanzines and Logos :-)