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  • ACPC.ME Amstrad CPC Memory Engraved - Huge collection of documents, manuals, literature, magazines, marketing material and much more
  • CPC-Power collection of most of the software that was ever released. Also includes ROMs and patched versions for programs with bugs.
  • CPC Rulez (FR) A great french site, updated frequently, with games, reviews, utilities, type-ins, demos, hardware info. A treasure and a must-visit - french pages can easily be translated with Google translate or similar tools).
  • CPC Game Reviews - CPC Game Reviews is a website which, as its name suggests, contains reviews of games for the Amstrad CPC computer - hundreds of them, in fact. It also contains a collection of advertisements which have been scanned from Amstrad CPC magazines.
  • BZH Games Collection of Amstrad games - can be played in the browser including ongoing highscore competition

(probably) Outdated / abandoned

Technical Documentations

Communities and boards

Facebook Groups

Shops / Groups to buy/sell hardware and games

Blogs/Websites of individuals and groups

  • Les Sucres en morceaux all the news relating to the productions of "Les Sucres en Morceaux" and many articles relating to the Amstrad CPC.
  • ESPsoft (ES) Blog on Spanish homebrews for the CPC.
  • TheMojonTwins (ES) Homebrew developer group that focuses on creating games for retro systems, among which is the CPC.
  • 4MHz (ES) Homebrew developer group that focuses on creating games for retro systems that use the Z80 CPU.
  • NoRecess/Condense Homepage of an Amstrad CPC demoscene group.
  • Prodatron's page (Prodatrons homepage includes info and downloads of his productions as well as a lot of downloads for CPC Digitracker modules (MDL), OCP Art Studio pictures and Scene demos)
  • Arkos Demogroup - The page of Arkos, with some great demos, diskmags, games and tools.
  • FutureOS homepage - Official homepage of the operating system FutureOS for the CPC6128 and CPCPlus.
  • SymbOS
  • CPC Mania - some tools like CPR tools, CPCDiskXP, CPCTapeXP - plus some technical informations
  • - some analysis of Firmware and BASIC logic (and also the video subsystem- hardware)
  • Domes-DOS Schneider/Amstrad CPC dedication - Domes-DOS's CPC website in the design of an GT65 green monitor (with download of his DART-logging tool and lots of infos about the CPC series)

  • Noels Retro Lab - lots of hardware related videos, especially repairs
  • Xyphoe - Gaming - almost every week a several hour long live stream
  • Novabug - many CPC games
  • John Gage - lots of game reviews but a lot of swearing and sound driven heavily into saturation


FTP and Newsgroupd


  • IRC-channel #cpc on (a big IRC-network), one cpc-channel among many others out there on various networks.
  • IRC-channel #cpc-fr on, french scene channel (replacing #cpc on Neoxys and #cpc on Europnet)
  • IRC-channel #phenixinformatique on, french channel.
  • Flash-chat Browser chat in Flash.


  • The Snake Becomes the Key is a very nicely-written blog with reviews and thoughts on various CPC games. Very well done but not updated any more.
  • Genesis 8 - Genesis 8 is a spartan, but often-updated Amstrad-related news site.
  • CPCCRACKERS - French site about crackers for the CPC.
  • - English site which features news, some articles and meeting pictures.
  • Programming Turbo Pascal on a CPC! - A collection of Turbo Pascal programs with some CPC Specific programs.
  • Oldschool gaming - Games reviews of recent games for the CPC!   
  •, a new site devoted to the hardware and software of the oft-neglected games console.
  • Roland Radio CPC Amstrad chiptune streaming 24/7
  • Bitstream Podcast on chiptune and the demoscene. Includes CPC Amstrad
  • Cepeceros (ES) Podcast


  • CePeCe (ES) Spanish CPC portal and web-hosting facilities for your CPC webpage.
  • Amstradeus (FR) Lots of interviews, manuals for download and much more.
  • The CPC Demoscene Optimus website about the CPC demoscene with a list of some of the best CPC demos with reviews and screenshots.
  • CPC Zone Home of the Gamebase, the ultimate collection of information (with screenshots, cover scans, reviews etc) on all games CPC. Also home of the Zone Forum.
  • CPC Hardware (FR) Forum, nice downloads, hardware projects; also an online store for hardware stuff like RS232 interfaces etc.
  • CPC Zone Forum (FR) One of the most popular and active forum on the net.
  • CPC-Forum (DE) The new most important discussion forum for the German-speaking part of the CPC scene.
  • CPC 6128 Europe European portal
  • CPC Oxygen Home of the same-name great fanzine and AA scan repository. Not updated in a long time.
  • Various Amstrad stuff Including instructions on how to fit or connect a 3.5" drive, hot to connect your CPC to your PC and how to transfer files, among others.
  • Push'n'Pop Amstrad Demoscene.
  • CPC Scene - Various stuff. Of much interest: The CPC online radio station!
  • The Kilobyes Podcast Home of the Kilobytes Podcast. Dedicated to playing chip tunes and covering the retro computing scene in general
  • CPC scene map
  • Grimware is a really nice site with hardware info and hacks for the CPC machines... give it a try!