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This site is an encyclopaedia on all things Amstrad CPC related. There are now 4,746 articles about the CPC available.
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  • When the CPC 664 was being developed, Sugar was already looking (and hinting publicly!) at the CPC 6128.
  • The CPC 472 was a 464 + 8 KB unwired RAM, released in Spain to circumvent a tax charging 64 KB computers.
  • With a total of 768×288 pixels, the CPC was the 8-bit with the highest displayable resolution on a CRT screen.
  • OpenOffice is the descendant of StarWriter for CPC.
  • Excel is the direct descendant of Multiplan for CP/M.
  • SymbOS supports 50x bigger hard drives than Win95A.
  • FutureOS can load a 178 KB floppy disc in 9 seconds.
  • FutureOS can manages up to 4 MB of extended RAM.