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* {{CPCPower|81}}
* {{CPCPower|81}}
* [http://www.cpcgamereviews.com/m/index4.html#megablasters CPC Game Reviews review of Elite]
* [http://www.cpcgamereviews.com/m/index4.html#megablasters CPC Game Reviews review of Megablasters ]

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Mega Blasters
Developer Code : Odiesoft; Graphics : Rex
Publisher Radical Software
Musician Kangaroo and Crittersoap
Release 1994
Platform(s) CPC
Game Modes
Language Language:english

Mega Blasters has been created by Odiesoft of HJT. The game was released on the Odiesoft Megablasters Release Party 1992 in Konstanz (Germany). On the release party is was possible to buy the game for a cheap price. The game was distributed by Radical Software in UK. In France, the game was distributed by the AFC, then directed by Candy. It came in Public Domain several years later

The game has some similarities to other "Blaster" games, but is a lot enhanced. There is a bit story around the single player mode. And there is a multiplayer mode too, 4 players together. This is one of the rare fullscreen games.

Once this game has been voted as the number one.


Longplay & Review: