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Owned by Mirror Group Newspapers, Mirrorsoft was Robert Maxwell's foray into the blossoming world of computer software in the 1980s.

Seeing for himself the success and (more importantly perhaps) money being generated by Clive Sinclair, Chris Curry and the rest, Maxwell decided to try and take a piece of the pie for himself. Deciding that a third party platform for releasing software made more sense than the financial pitfalls of developing your own machine (theorising that you could make just as much if not more money in this fashion), Mirrorsoft were established intitially to publish educational software but soon found themselves marketing games as well.

Their most famous acquisition, Tetris resulted in a lengthy court case. (Please see the Tetris entry for more details).

After setting up the off-shoot label Image Works, Mirrorsoft's profile declined at the same time as the 8-bit market, by 1992 the brand like its infamous founder was no more, having been swallowed by the major publisher Acclaim.

Releases for CPC (Mirrorsoft)

Releases for CPC (Image Works)