Mittwintermeeting 10

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The Mittwintermeeting now goes straight to the nineth edition in Kirchen / Germany
Over the last years, the Meeting has grown as a place where people from all the different home-computer systems of the 80's can come together for a nice weekend.

For now, we cover Amstrad, Atari, Acorn, Commodore, MSX and more. Looking forward to grow even further :)

As in the last time, the party will be held in a blockhouse directly at the eastborder of the Westerwald in Kirchen / Germany.
Like everytime everyone who is interested in old homecomputers is very welcome!

The Meeting took place from 29. Jan 2016 to 31. Jan 2016

The Party-Place

DRK Vereinshaus Kirchen
An der Buswende (Dorfstraße 80)
57548 Kirchen
GeoCoords: (longitude/latitude) :  7°54'40.84"E , 50°48'49.74"N

If you have any more questions please email me at  drzed (at) dr-zed (dot) de !


  • Hotel "zum weißen Stein" (double bedroom EUR 93,50)
  • bring your own Airbed and sleep at the party place (EUR 0)

Expected Participants