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Nicholas Campbell is from Northern Ireland and is better known to the Amstrad CPC community as Nich Campbell. Although he is not a prolific programmer, he has been maintaining the archive of Amstrad CPC software on the Internet known as NVG since January 2001, and is also responsible for the popular CPC Game Reviews web site, and has been doing so since late 1998.


  • OTTO (disc fanzine)
  • Flags Slideshow
  • Life
  • Stack 'n' Smile (game written in 1K for the 2003 Minigame Competition)
  • zblast SD (shoot-'em-up converted from the ZX Spectrum)
  • Area 51 (platform game converted from the ZX Spectrum)

Several of Nicholas' 10-liners have also been published in Amstrad Action:

  • Air Attack (July 1994, issue 106)
  • Temperature Converter (July 1994, issue 106)
  • Word-Pro (July 1994, issue 106)
  • Base Changer (August 1994, issue 107)
  • Disc Office II (August 1994, issue 107)
  • Territory (August 1994, issue 107)

He is also responsible for translating the text of the game Orion Prime from French to English.