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(List of games)
(List of games)
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| ''Double Dare''
| ''Double Dare''
| ''Kentucky Racing''
| ''Fireman Sam''

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Richard Stevenson is a former designer and programmer of Amstrad CPC games. During the 1980s he worked for Firebird, Alligata, Alternative, Gremlin Graphics, Virgin Mastertronic, Hi-Tech and headed up his own development company, Bizarre Developments.

List of games

Year Name Publisher
1983 Shorts Fuse Firebird
Super Sam Budgie
1985 Rocco Gremlin
Adventure A: Planet of Death Paxman
Adventure B: Inca Curse
Adventure C: Ship of Doom
Adventure D: Espionage Island
1987 Dead or Alive Alternative
1988 Aftermath
R-Type Electric Dreams
1989 BMX Ninja Alternative
Rugby Boss
1989 Bomb Fusion Mastertronic
Die Alien Slime
Super Nudge 2000
1990 Cricket Captain Hi-Tec
Kentucky Racing Alternative
Huxley Pig
1991 Double Dare
Fireman Sam