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Rombo Redux


The Rombo Redux is a clone of the original Rombo Rombox, reverse engineered by The Equalizor in 2018.

The clone has the following improvements from it's older sibling:

  • The through hole ICs have been replaced by Surface Mount devices.
  • The Bank Select switch has been swapped round to make the bank selection more logical.
  • It now has a Reset button on the bottom right.


  • There is no expansion thru connector to keep costs down
  • It also doesn't have the Add on Expansion connector the original board had.

The original boards are virtually impossible to get hold of, let alone the expansion module that was sold at the same time.

It was originally designed by The Equalizor after his ROMBO stopped working. It has gone through six revisions to get it to the version that is now available for sale.

More Information

The Rombo Redux was release late May, 2018.

Rom Compatibility

Like the original Rombo, The Redux uses standard DIP28 roms.

  • Works with any "standard" 27128 or 2764 ROM, such as:
    • 27C128 (16 Kilobyte rom)
    • 27C64 (8 Kilobyte rom)
    • AT27C256R (32 Kilobyte write once rom (Only top 16Kilobytes addressable))
  • Supports the Hackit ROM in Slot 0, which in conjunction with the reset button works perfectly.

Known Issues

The following issues have been spotted, however these are NOT unique to the RomboRedux, and have been replicated using other romboards.

  • The Utopia 1.07 ROM in the wiki has an 0x80 byte header. Without removing this, the Amstrad will not boot
  • Utopia 1.07 will not initialise in upper banks 8-15, however is fine in the lower 0-7 range