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The SPO256 is a Speech Synthesizer chip used in many hardware Speech Synthesizers of the 8bit era. The SP0256 contains a Voice Generator, a small microprocessor, and a built-in ROM which contains 16Kbit (2Kbyte) of program code.

A number of different versions of the SP0256 exist. The most common is the SP0256-AL2, where -AL2 means that the built-in ROM contains preprogrammed english allophones.


More Technical

CPC Speech Synthesizers

SP0256 on Printer Port (DIY)

SP0256 Speech ROM

  • SP0256-AL2 ROM (caution - the bytes in the file are in reversed bit-order, ie. the "Target" values are unreversed, all other opcodes and parameters are reversed)

SP0256 or SPO256 - Letter O vs digit 0

The original General Instrument datasheets seem to call the chip SP0256 (0=digit zero). Some third-party datasheets look more like SPO256 (O=Letter O) though.

SP0256-related Datasheets