Schneiderware Analog Converter

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The Schneiderware Analog Converter is a A/D and D/A Converter with 8 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, published by german magazine CPC Schneider International as part of their Schneiderware DIY series. The plain PCB, or the fully assembled board were also available via mail-order.

The ECB Bus connector of the board is intended to be plugged into the Schneiderware Basisplatine, but it could be also wired directly to the CPCs Expansion Port. The D/A converter additionally requires a Schneiderware Power Supply (or another external power supply with +12V) (eventually one could also use the CPC's disc drive power supply; though not tested if the supplies in the CTM644/GT65 monitors provide enough amps).

I/O Ports

Address (default) Address (alternate) Usage
FAE0h N/A Schneiderware Analog Board ADC 0848 A/D Converter (R/W)
Read: Get 8bit data from selected channel
Write: Select channel & mode; bit0..2=channel (0..7), bit3..4=mode, bit5-7=unused
  • Mode 0 (or 1) - Differential: Plus=Channel(N), Minus=Channel(N XOR 1)
  • Mode 2 - Single-Ended: Plus=Channel(N) and Minus=AGND
  • Mode 3 - Pseudo-Differential: Plus=Channel(N) and Minus=Channel(7)
FAE1h N/A Schneiderware Analog Board DAC 0832 D/A Converter #1 (W)
Write: 8bit data
FAE2h N/A Schneiderware Analog Board DAC 0832 D/A Converter #2 (W)
Write: 8bit data


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