Schneiderware Basisplatine

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The Schneiderware Basisplatine (backplane) is some kind of a ECB Bus motherboard for the Schneiderware DIY series, which was published by german magazine CPC Schneider International. The board has five 64-pin ECB sockets (for use with the DIY boards of the series), a 50-pin connector (for the CPC expansion port), and 7 soldering points (for an optional power supply, like the Schneiderware Power Supply).

The plain PCB, or the fully assembled board were available via mail-order. Unlike as for the other DIY projects of the Schneiderware series, the PCB layout has not been printed (in paper-form) in the magazine (though the magazine offered to send them to interested persons). Another solution would have been to buy a standard ECB backplane (like this), and to build an adaptor for the CPC expansion port by hand.

  • Schneiderware #2a Basisplatine (Motherboard) (7/1986 pages 60-67)