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Colour Personal Computing

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[[File:Colour_Personal_Computing,_Issue_2_2018-03-30_09-45.png|thumbnail|Colour Personal Computing, Issue 2]]
==About Colour Personal Computing==
Colour Personal Computing is a fanzine dedicated to the Amstrad CPC, written by James Ford (Skunkfish).
Each issue is A5 sized and has a minimum of 32 pages, covering the latest news, game previews and reviews, interviews, hardware and much more.
The first issue of the fanzine is available in black and white but also had a limited run in colour to those who backed the kickstarter Kickstarter campaign. A Kickstarter campaign was launched on the 31st July 2016 to raise funds towards the print run of the first issue.
The As of the second issue , the fanzine is available printed in full colour . Each issue is available to purchase at and the where Issue 1 is also available to read on-line for free. Further issues will be made available in this fashion, at least 6 months after their publishing date. The third issue is , due to launch by the Summer of out in July 2018will include features on Hi-Tec Software and SymbOS vs. FutureOS, as well as reviews of the latest CPC releases.
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==Past Issues==
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image:Colour_Personal_Computing,_Issue_1_2018-05-30_15-10.jpg|Issue 1
image:Colour_Personal_Computing,_Issue_2_2018-03-30_09-45.png|Issue 2