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[[Category:CPC scene members]]'''Made''' (Carlos Pardo) was a graphic artist from in the french French CPC scene. He was very talented, and when he later switched to the 16bit 16-bit scene, he won a lot of competitions.
== Productions ==
 * [[Disc Full]] (10 issues, french French fanzine)
* [[39Kb Shock]] Rebels - Code: PacMan / Gfx: Made
* [[Digital Orgasm]] Symbiosis SymbiosiS production
== Groups ==
* [[Rebels]] (1991-1993)
* [[SymbiosiS]] (1993-1994)
== Links ==
* Official site: [ www.m4de.comMade's home page]* Galleries of Made's artwork on the Amstrad CPC in [httphttps://cpcrulez.freefr/demoscene_GFX-demo-made.htm MODE 0] and [ A collection of screens from MaDEMODE 1]* [ Interview with Made by NoRecess] [[Category:CPC scene members]]