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Arkos Tracker

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Removed info about running AT1 tools under Linux, because AT2 natively supports Linux.
Arkos Tracker is a music and sound effect composing tool that runs on a PC or Mac (i.e. it is not a CPC tool), but which can be used to create tunes for Amstrad, MSX and Spectrum computers.
Arkos Tracker 1 and its tools are built using the .NET framework. It is possible to run the tools, but not the Tracker itself, on Linux, using Mono.
To run the tools under Linux, you need to install mono then you can run them with "mono <filename>" e.g. "mono AKSToBin.exe Songs/Demo.aks". For the tracker itself, it Arkos Tracker 2 is not yet possible. I attempted to get it to run.I used the winetricks script to install, "Mono a rewrite of Arkos Tracker and is available natively for both Windows" and some fonts, but still it doesn't work.  winetricks mono210 winetricks corefonts winetricks tahoma If I had been successful, it should have been runnable with "wine ArkosTracker.exe"Linux. It needs to be run through Wine, because it talks to some Windows API functions directlyis written in C++ using the Juce toolkit.