Multiface II

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TUSS and Soundhakker, by [[Wild Thang|Richard Wildey]] and [[Hangman|Rob Scott]] respectively, were particularly specialised tools. TUSS helped you to nick graphics out of other people’s games: Soundhakker helped you to nick Soundtrakker tunes from demos and fanzines. Amstrad Action (them again) once tested Tearaway against TUSS, found in favour of Tearaway, and then completely disproved their findings by using TUSS, not Tearaway, to remove the nipples from the covertape version of [[Stormlord]].
Both [[Doctor Fegg]] and Richard ‘[[The User:Executioner]]’ Wilson started work on powerful hacking programs which would work with the Multiface, titled [[Dr Fegg’s Hack Pack]] and [[Amigo]] respectively. Neither was ever finished.
==Fifteen years later==