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Codemasters CD

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The Codemasters CD was a compilation of games from Codemasters which came on a Audio CD, bundled with a special connection cable to connect an Audio CD Player to the Joystick Port. Since the computer can't boot from the Joystick Port, it also included boot software on cassette. The Codemasters CD was announced for ZX Spectrum, Commodore C64, and Amstrad CPC.
The games were stored as audioHowever, but in a special fastloader formonly the '''Spectrum''' and '''Commodore''' versions seem to have been actually released. According to the Oliver Twins (the makers of the CD), the '''Amstrad CPC''' hardware did exist, too. Though this seems to have been only an unreleased prototype.
In order to use the == Info Fragments on Spectrum CD you connected the CPC to a CD player using a special cable which connected to the joystick port.Special loader software was provided on cassette.Games Pack (Code Masters) (1989) ==
Such an exotic feature was choosen because every Amstrad did include The pack consists of a Joystick Audio CD with about 30 spectrum games (each one recorded twice), and a connection cable (cd player's 3.5mm (or 6.3mm via adapter) stereo headphone socket to spectrum 9pin DSUB joystick port) (for Spectrum 128/+2/+3 or 48K with Kempston interface), and loading software on tape, once when a game is loaded one can press Q,U,I,T on keyboard to load a new game (without needing to load tape loader again)Yet No info if/how the 6128Plus lacks of Tape portstereo signal is used (maybe one channel used as CLOCK, and the other channel as DATA...?) The cable does reportedly contain a 1bit A/D converter, which is probably a single transistor or so (so it's mono, not stereo?). The CD capacity is said to be "12 Megs" (presumably meaning 12 Megabit = 60 tracks with 25Kbytes each).
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