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Codemasters CD

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However, only the '''Spectrum''' and '''Commodore''' versions seem to have been actually released. According to the Oliver Twins (the makers of the CD), the '''Amstrad CPC''' hardware did exist, too. Though this seems to have been only an unreleased prototype.
== Schematic ==
José Leandro Novellón did some reverse engineering on the Spectrum cable in 2008. The results were released on (spanish). According that results, the cable is '''assumed''' to contain hardware like this:
| C---------- Joystick.Pin1 (Up)
Audio Left (Tip) ------o----[330]----B| BC549B
| |\
[1K] | E--+
| |
Audio Gnd (Base) ------o----[470]----------o------- Joystick Pin8 (Common)
| |
[1K] | E--+
| |/
Audio Right (Mid)------o----[330]----B| BC549B
| C---------- Joystick.Pin6 (Fire)
The above circuit was rev-engineered by measuring the resistance between the cable pins, but without opening (=destroying) the moulded plastic connector that houses the original circuit - so far, it isn't fully confirmed if the original cable does really contain the above components.
== Info Fragments on Spectrum CD Games Pack (Code Masters) (1989) ==