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'''''Stormbringer''''' (also sometimes written '''''Storm Bringer''''') is an adventure game released by [[Mastertronic]] in 1987 under the Mastertronic Added Dimension label. It is the fourth and last of a series of games starring the character [[Magic Knight]]. After being transported from the 25th century on board the starship USS Pisces back to his own time in the village of Cornhamp-on-Marsh, Magic Knight has discovered that a serious malfunction has occurred with the time machine, and there are now two Magic Knights. The other Magic Knight calls himself Off-White Knight, and is using a storm cloud to kill Magic Knight - hence Off-White Knight's alias, Stormbringer, which is the name by which the villagers know him. However, Magic Knight cannot kill Off-White Knight, as he would also kill himself if he did this. Instead, Magic Knight must somehow merge with Off-White Knight.
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