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Added notes re. Amstrad Drumkit, Graphic Patterns, Codebreaker, Unerase and CAT#8
* Graphic Patterns (Martin Scarland)
A modification to ''Amstrad Drumkit'' was published in the [[Amstrad Action, Issue 9, Jun 1986|June 1986]] issue (#9). The modified version would later appear on the covertape included with the [[Amstrad Action, Issue 74, Nov 1991|November 1991]] issue (#74). ''Graphic Patterns'' is a copy of a listing that was taken from the CPC464 User Instructions and modified slightly. This was confirmed by a reader who wrote a letter to ''Amstrad Action'', which was published in the [[Amstrad Action, Issue 8, May 1986|May 1986]] issue (#8).
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== '''AA 007 - April 1986''' ==
* Codebreaker (Paul Taylor)- a modification was also provided for users of green screen monitors
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* Drumkit Revisited (Peter Newman) - a modification to ''Amstrad Drumkit'' that allows each sound channel to be reset
* Unerase (Alexander Clark)- separate versions are provided for system/vendor format discs and data format discs
* Etch-a-Sketch (Dick Ruck)
* Typing Tutor (Dick Ruck)
* Trix (Philip Gardner)
* Key-RSX (Philip Pepperell)
A correction to ''Unerase'' was published in the [[Amstrad Action, Issue 11, Aug 1986|August 1986]] issue (#11), which fixed a problem where the wrong line number was displayed if the user typed in the DATA statements incorrectly. However, the program still works without the correction if it is typed in without any mistakes.
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* CAT#8 (Justin Macklin)
* Blitter (Paul Bond)
Two versions of ''CAT#8'' were supposed to be published in this issue - one version for CPC464 machines, and a shorter version for CPC664 and 6128 machines, which used the <tt>COPYCHR$</tt> command. However, ''Amstrad Action'' forgot to print the 464 version. It was published in the [[Amstrad Action, Issue 11, Aug 1986|August 1986]] issue (#11).
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* Bouncers (Justin Hedden)
* CAT#8 (Justin Macklin) - the 464 version, which was mistakenly omitted from the [[Amstrad Action, Issue 10, Jul 1986|July 1986]] issue (#10)
The 464 version of ''CAT#8'' also works on CPC664 and CPC6128 machines.
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