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Mainboard Versions

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/* CPC464 version 2 (new gate array) */ Added 300dpi scans of the Z70200 MC0002D board with GA 40008 and resistors R138 and R139.
|[[File:CPC464_PCB_Top_(Z70200_MC0002D).jpg|200px]] || [[File:CPC464_PCB_Bottom_(Z70200_MC0002D).jpg|200px]] || '''Board: PT NO Z70200, MC0002D, Copyright 1984'''<br> [[Media:CPC464 Z70200 Tomdalby.jpg|another picture]].
|[[File:CPC464_PCB_Top_(Z70200_MC0002D)_GA40008.jpg|200px]] || [[File:CPC464_PCB_Bottom_(Z70200_MC0002D)_GA40008.jpg|200px]] || '''Board: PT NO Z70200, MC0002D, Copyright 1984'''<br> With Gate Array 40008. Notice also that the board is fitted with resistors R138 and R139.
|[[File:Nightfallcrew CPC464 french azerty Z70200 MC0008D pcb.jpg|200px|left]] || || '''Board: PT NO Z70200, MC0008D'''<br>French board with shielding plates, and additional filtering loops, and french AZERTY rom.<br>Without old 19pin keyboard connector.