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/* Starting MAME; command line arguments; MAME menu; quitting */
mame cpc6128 -flop1
===Python script===
On Linux, you can also set your file manager (e.g. Nautilus or Konqueror) to open .dsk files with the following Python script:
# "cpcn" : natural
import os, os.path, zipfile
from sys import argv
s = "/usr/share/sdlmame/sdlmame cpc6128 -skip_gameinfo -window %s -keymap -keymap_file /usr/share/sdlmame/keymaps/km-de.txt" % nat
def checkzip(t):
"Check if file is a ZIP file; use the first file in the archive"
if t[-4:].lower() == '.zip':
a = zipfile.ZipFile(t).namelist()
t = os.path.join(t, a[0])
return t
if len(argv) > 1:
for x in range(1, len(argv)):
s += ' -flop%u "%s"' % (x, checkzip(argv[x]))
This script should open a MAME window with the disc inserted in drive A. (Note that this also selects the German keymap.)You can also use this to open ZIP files containing disc images, e.g. "cpc" will try to insert the first file in the ZIP archive.
==GUI front-ends==