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SymCommander screen shot

SymCommander is a file and disc management tool for SymbOS and was written by Prodatron. It is the first clone of the well-known Norton Commander for the Amstrad. It runs platform independant on the CPC and the MSX.

SymCommander is based on a dual directory display, where files can be moved or copied from one list into the other. It can be controlled either completely with the keyboard or with the mouse. As it runs in the SymbOS environment, it is possible to manage MS-DOS discs, big hard drives and huge directory trees just like normal CPC discs (AMSDOS, CP/M).


  • Support of FAT directory trees
  • Copying, moving, renaming and deleting of files
  • Creating, renaming and deleting of directories
  • Displaying and editing file properties
  • Displaying disc and hard disc properties
  • Splitting and combining of files
  • Filtered directory display
  • All kinds of directory sorting and file selection

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