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TFM in the mid-90
TFM today

TFM or "The Future Man" (Dr. Stefan W. Stumpferl) got his first CPC6128 with color monitor in the year of 1986. He is a active coder of the German CPC scene. 1987 he founded the group FutureSoft. Since 1989 he is working on the biggest CPC project ever: FutureOS and including its software. Further he has developed and a broader variety of software for the Amstrad/Schneider CPC and some other Z80 computers. In 1991 he got his first 6128 Plus with color monitor, already in 1992 he published the secrets of the 6128 Plus ASIC in the German magazine CPC Amstrad International. Since the old days he contributed a huge amount of knowledge, software and help to the CPC community.






Native CPC-OS

CP/M Plus

  • Various expansion ROMs for the CP/M Plus ROM version
  • TIMEROM#.COM which searches the RTC from dxs from &00 to &7F (while TIMEROM.COM only checks 0-15)


  • Various articles in CPC related journals like CPC Amstrad International
  • A huge number of articles for a broad variety of Disc Mags
  • Off-topic: Different Research articles about aging, genetics, evolution and related topicls in appropriate journals like Eucaryotic Cell, Genome Research etc. see here.



Organized CPC Parties