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Hi everybody, my name is Jonathan Erskine-Nartey. I was born in 1980 and live in London, UK. My first computer was Amstrad CPC 464 with CTM 644 Colour Monitor in 1986 - 6 years of age during that time. Here is my Computer collection so far. You'll be very amazed with the amount of Amstrad CPC / PCW accessories that I've for my Amstrad CPC / PCW Series.

Currently owns the following working computers:

Computer Acquired Extras Notes
Amstrad PCW 8256 Dec 1991? 512k RAM & external 3.5" B drive Upgraded to PCW 8512 Spec
Sega Mega Drive 08/05/1999 Mega CD -
Sega Mega Drive 15/05/1999 2 control pads -
Amstrad CPC 464 06/06/1999 DDI-1 (ParaDOS) & 3.5" disc drive with side switch & no "READY" Signal "Cost-Down" version
Amstrad CPC 6128 06/12/1999 Dk'tronics 256K Memory, Multiface II with 'The Insider', Super Power ROM Card (no case) - BCPL, Maxam, Nirvana, ParaDOS, Protext & Utopia, 3.5" Disc Drive with side switch, "READY" Signal, Data Recorder with lead & 8bit Printer Port "Cost-Down" version
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 09/12/1999 2 Official controllers, Nintendo Scope 6 light gun & 6 games (boxed), Super Gameboy Adaptor -
Commodore 64 (Old Model) 14/12/1999 Data recorder, 1541 Disk Drive -
Sega Game Gear 14/12/1999 TV Tuner, Sega Master System Game Gear Converter, FM Radio tuner, 2 official battery packs - upgraded with 7.2v 2400mAh RC Batteries, VidiTex Magnifier, Sega Gear-to-Gear Cable, carrying cases -
Nintendo Entertainment System 12/01/2000 2 Nintendo Official controllers, Official Zapper Light Gun & Game Genie - Video Game Enhancer with Programming Manual & Codebook -
Sega Mega Drive II 12/01/2000 Mega CD II (boxed), 2 control pads -
Sega Master System II 12/01/2000 Alex Kidd in Miracle World game built-in, 2 official control pads & manual -
Nintendo Game Boy 01/02/2000 Four Player Adapter, Game Link Cable Original boxed
Sega Master System 04/02/2000 Missile Defense 3-D game built-in, 2 x Control Pads, Light Phaser Gun & Sega 3-D Glasses -
Amstrad PC 1512 HD10 06/05/2000 None Colour Monitor
Amstrad CPC 664 27/05/2000 ParaDOS chip fitted, 3.5" drive with side switch, no "READY" Signal, Data Recorder with lead, Cheetah 125+ Joystick, SSA-1 & Amstrad/Pace RS232 Amstrad GT65 Green Monitor
Amstrad CPC 464 17/06/2000 CPC 6128 OS/BASIC ROM Chip fitted, DK'tronics 64K RAM pack >> 256k, Rombo ROMBOX - Utopia, BCPL, Maxam, Protext, & ParaDOS, DDI-1 (AMSDOS), 3.5" disc drive with side switch, "READY" Signal (34 way IDC Male connector) Upgraded to CPC 6128 spec
Amstrad CPC 464+ 23/09/2000 Widget: Plus (Centronics) to Card Edge Converter (UK/DE Expansion Converter),DK'tronics 64K RAM pack- (SMD) version,Rombo ROMBOX - BCPL, Maxam, Protext, RODOS & Utopia, DDI-1 (ParaDOS),3.5” Disc Drive with side switch,"READY" Signal (34 way IDC Male connector), 2 x PD-1 Games paddle Expanded to CPC 6128 Plus spec.
Amstrad CPC 6128+ 10/12/2000 Widget: Plus (Centronics) to Card Edge Converter - (UK/DE Expansion Converter),KDS 6 socket Rombox with a free utility KDS ROM v4.88 (unused) - BCPL, DosCopy by Face Hugger (DOS Copy/Crime 1.3), Maxam, ParaDOS, Protext & Utopia,3.5” Disc Drive with side switch,"READY" Signal,2 x PD-1 Games paddle, Amstrad CPC+ Series Multiface II, Siren Software (KDS Electronics) CPC Serial Interface with COMMS PAK 5 Software on ROM Version 5.0 Amstrad CM14 Colour Monitor
e-Machines (eTower 320) PC 16/09/2001 512MB DRAM (even the manual incorrectly states the maxmium memory is 256MB???), Samsung SD-616 DVD-ROM Drive, TSSTcorp CD-RW / DVD Multi-Player Combo Drive, NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 420 - 64MB PCI Graphics Card with TV-Out Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200GB HD Model # GY200P0 with Multi-Boot Operating Systems Facility: Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server Enterprise & Windows XP Professional SP2, Hauppauge! Model 681 WinTV camera bundle TV Card, Visioneer 4500 Flatbed Scanner, OnStream DP30 External Parallel Port Digital Tape Drive with 2 x ADR 30 GB Cartridges, 2 x Gravis GamePad PRO Pads & 10 / 100MB Network Card Self-upgraded!!
Amstrad GX4000 13/04/2002 2 x PD-1 Games paddle "Games Console"
Amstrad PCW 9512 13/04/2002 3.5" 706KB Floppy disc drive B (Teac FD-235HF), Amstrad CPS8256 (Centronics Parallel Schnitstelle) PCW Interface - RS232C Serial & Parallel Centronics Interface & LocoLink - File Transfer from PCW to PC This computer has modified fitted with a drive switch underneath the floppy drives, allowing to switch drives from 3.5" Floppy Drive B to 3" Floppy Drive A and 3" Drive A to Drive B and visa versa.
Sony PlayStation 23/04/2002 1 x Sony PS1 Official Multi-tap Adapter, 1 x Gamester 1MB, 3 x Joytech 1MB, 1 x Playstation 1MB & 12 x Various 1MB Memory Cards No longer have the full original box due to water damage / moister from dampness in the loft
Sony PlayStation 2 07/10/2002 5 (out of 7) x PS2 8MB Memory Cards, PS2 128MB Memory Card, PS2 Multi tap, SOCOM USB Headset, PS2 Memory Station (Card Reader), DEXXA USB Mouse, 2 x USB 16MB Flash Drives, Logitech NetPlay Controller, Maxtor 300GB HDD (using HD Loader software) physically connected via PS2 Network Adaptor - connected to Sky Broadband Unlimited 20MB - ready for online gaming!! I love this setup, fully loaded with accessories - 2nd Replacement from my previous PS2 has been STOLEN including my official 8MB PS2 memory card containing Gran Turismo 3 A Spec game save of 99.8%, only 2 more Time Trials to complete with all gold, no loses in races - 100% Race Win Ratio & George's WWF: SmackDown! Just Bring It! Game save with created character "George B" after my house got robbed on 21/07/2003
Amstrad PCW 16 04/10/2003 None -