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I've been mainly contributing to Wikipedia so far, but this site looks promising for more in-depth Amstrad (or Schneider if you're German) information. I like to add articles about games here, as the CPC hardware side is already well represented. But I also do the occasional Wiki housekeeping such as fixing templates or categories.

Sometimes I create English translations of slightly obscure but (in my opinion) interesting German games; so far I've done Black Gold and Strego.

When I'm not here or on Wikipedia, I also like to work on Locomotive BASIC programs over at the Rosetta Code wiki.

e-mail: mdoege?/\ compuserve\/ com

Hello mate, really nice to see you here contributing, it's really appreciated! :) Gryzor

Works in progress (WIP)

  • Raffles II (started in C)
  • RTS Project (mostly discussions; implementation has been by TastefulMrShip so far)