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Last modified on 13 August 2010, at 06:04

User:Ritchardo mkII

Because I don't like red links...

No real idea what I'm supposed to say here so I'll just wibble on for a little.

Got my first CPC for no discernable reason that I can recall in late 1985 (at the tender age of 5). Spent countless hours playing Roland on the Ropes and Oh Mummy! before realising that there was a whole world of games waiting for me out there. Stuck with the machine while all of my friends were upgrading, left, right and centre partly due to the economics of my home life but mostly due to my love of those little green and red buttons!

With emulation came a whole world of excitement - being able to play all of those games that I had only ever read about - a real treat and now I'm slowly swelling my own collection back to where it was before the day of the great clear-out and the sad day when my orignal CPC was stolen from our store cupboard... :(

In the community I'm probably best known as the somewhat grumpy former-mod of the late CPC Zone website but truth be told I'm enjoying the enforced retirement greatly and I'm now finding myself becoming more and more passionate about the scene again - in no small part due to the wiki.

Currently upgrading the games pages in a seemingly random fashion, I'm taking each entry one at a time in the hope of turning this site into as excellent a repository for games info as it already is for hardware.

Cheers for reading - now get back to something more interesting!!!