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I love Amstrad CPC's!!!!

I have been an avid collector since I purchased my first Amstrad, a CPC 664, back in 1986 when I was 16 years old. 

Currently I am collecting Amsoft titles on tape and disc and have almost 100 so far and I am hoping to eventually have a complete collection.  Being in New Zealand is a bit of a draw back, I think I have scooped the collection pool clean here and have just about everything that was ever released for the Amstrad in New Zealand.  Unfortunately this wasn't a lot - mainly the main Amstrad peripherals and the actual computers themselves.  For example the Plus range was never sold in New Zealand.  If you are a collector in New Zealand, please contact me.

Amstrad CPC 664 with Richard 1986.jpeg

This is me using my 664 in 1986 (sorry, no flash on my camera back then).

Amstrad CPC 664 1986.jpeg

Another shot of my 664, on a home made computer desk that my father made for me, which had pram wheels so I could move it around!