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Thanks for your reply and sorry for not getting back to you sooner - too much work!

I will edit your pages accordingly. In the mean time, PLEASE stop uploading so big images!!! I've seen your files taking up to 6MBs of space - that's space and traffic we're paying for, and the wiki is not a personal page host! You can get a free account somewhere to host your photos, this is not the intended use of this server... Gryzor (talk)

Hi Gryzor,

I'm extremely very sorry about this! It's just my mind is over the place at the moment while trying to keep up with my current of huge amount of retro computer collection list - I'm still behind. As well trying to put all the pieces of puzzle (blogs, help pages, etc) into one. I'll do the changes straight away. Once again, I'm very sorry about this.

All done, but I'll need your help with deleting / removing these 2 following pages:


While I appreciate the large amount of work you have put into your collection page, I don't think it belongs to the wiki as an article. This is a personal page of yours, and the CPCWiki is not a collection of personal pages. You do have your own user page here, though, so why not put all that info here??

Also, while users have a certain freedom to discuss things in a more relaxed way on their pages, turning one's page into a long list of URLs pointing to other sites is unfair, so please do consider changing the content here. Gryzor (talk) 08:19, 5 October 2017 (EDT)

Hello. Please do not leech CPCwiki's server storage to store all those things here, you may consider to use some word processing application to have the list of your collections at home or open a proper blog somewhere, but really CPCwiki is not supposed to house that amount of informations about your personal collection and life.