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* [http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=1186 Entry for ''Voyage 1993'' on pouët.net]
* [http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=1186 Entry for ''Voyage 1993'' on pouët.net]
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Voyage 93 part with realtime calculated vector graphics

The Voyage 1993 Megademo has been produced in 1993 for BENG! mainly by the german coders Alien and Prodatron. It contains intro-, turndisc- and menupart, six mainparts and a guestpart by Face Hugger.




  • Intro: Graphic and code by Alien. It shows the credits and some other information about the megademo.
  • Loader screen: Contains the credits for the next part and a nice graphics taken from amiga by Face Huggers new IFF-converter.
  • Menupart: It has two different choosing-systems. The first one is a solar-system with seven planets representing the different parts. The second one is a movable porsche, which drives through some dust (and the part-numbers). Contains a large frequency-analyzer.
  • [?]: The first part was coded by Alien containing different conventional demo-technologies like balls, paralax-scrolling, multi-scrollers, splittraster-equalizer and so on.
  • Third Axis: This was Prodatrons first demopart with realtime-calculated vector-graphics on CPC. The figures were realized with direct-adressed sprites. It also contains a hardware-mirror, a console for controlling the animations, a buffer for precalculated animations and other things.
  • [?]: Aliens second part consists of a very good splittraster-scroller and a horizontal-scroll.
  • Pixelized Vectors: Part 4 was the guest-part coded by Face Hugger. He extended his line-vectors with an interesting looking smear-effect, which makes them also move softer. It contains a cheat-part.
  • Metamorphose Vectors: Part 6 has been coded by Alien. It shows mostly line-vectors but also some vector-balls. Unique at this part is, that the line-vectors changes from one object to another (metamorphose).
  • Hard'n'Heavy: The last part of Voyage 1993 was coded by Prodatron. Two areas of the screen shows different and always changing hardware-effects (out of seven). In the middle there was a multi-effect-hardscroll. Prodatron used only one HALT-instruction in one whole frame, so it was fully timed.
  • Turndisc-Part: It was a satire from Alien to the turndisc-part of "The Demo" by Logon System. It shows two grandmas and [censored]-equalizers.
  • Secret Mission: The cheat-part by Prodatron shows a completely new effect on CPC, the horizontal wabbler. Easy but very goodlooking.

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